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Company Profile

Our vision

Our Company’s vision is to reach places all over the world where there are significant price gaps between the goods purchase price and the final consumer sale price. We believe that this way suppliers and consumers can profit from selling/buying top brands.

Suppliers will benefit due to the fair and competitive prices which will allow them to sell larger quantity and as a result reach a wider audience.

Consumers will benefit since top brand products sell at a lower price and as a result, they get great products and enjoy the brand values ​​at a very attractive price.

We see our customers, who are usually wholesalers or store owners, as partners in our mission and vision to reach as many consumers while providing top brand products at particularly attractive prices - which builds working relationships for years.

About the owner:

Yohai Mor has been a merchant for about 10 years, he comes from a family of merchants where he learned the secrets of the trade. Yohai Mor is also the company’s CEO, a company which he leads in his vision - he understands the various changes that have taken place in the trading business in recent years and responds to them quickly and resolutely by managing the logistics system with the most advanced technology available on the market today. Yohai Mor always reminds company employees that despite using technology for general management – personability is above all and never see a customer as another "number" or "invoice", he has made sure that the company adapts to its customers and not the other way around.

About Our employees:

Our Employees are positioned around the world and are involved in their respective fields while staying in sync with our main offices. Employees also manage the various vebdors who work in collaboration with our company and are prepared for any scenario.

Advantages to working with us:

  1. Wide selection of brands and products at very attractive price

  2. Advanced technology for fast order management

  3. Shipping solutions to any location in the world

  4. Storage solutions in over 20 location in the destination country

  5. Product quality and authenticity check - all before the products arrives to the customer

  6. Customizing payment terms to the customer needs

  7. Returns management

  8. Customizing the packaging per customer's requirement


We would love to tell you more about the company and how we can work together,

F&G Trading team.

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