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We are F&G company with seniority and experience in the field of international brand distribution of electrical and electronics products, housewares, office supplies, toys and many other products of well-known brands in various fields.

Brands at attractive prices

Great relationships with the suppliers that enables a wide selection of brands and products:

We purchase products in high volume, at a very attractive price and convenient payment terms that allow us to purchase a wide range of brands and products.

International Shipping

We understand the ins and outs of shipping internationally, especially when it comes to customs, regulations, rules and tariffs. Let us handle the details. We’re conveniently located in your neighborhood and want to help simplify the international shipping process. Whether you're sending something to Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Latin America or Africa, we're here to help.

Worldwide storage

Faster data access can be ordered as required. Also, maintenance costs may be reduced, particularly for larger organizations who store a large or increasing volumes of data.

Product integrity check

We perform authenticity and product sample integrity for the various products we purchase from suppliers on each order, so there will be no problem for our customers with the products they purchase and even match the products’ packaging as required by our customers.

Return handling

We then make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns - 

Finally, we receive and process returns quickly, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products fast.

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